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Fueling your growth together.

Educated Dealers choose Kuubix for unmatched attention to quality from start to finish, stability due to strong financial backing, relentless focus on customer satisfaction, and Dealer incentives that are the envy of the industry. Let’s partner to take your solar business to the next level.

How are We Different?

Words are cheap. We’ve seen standard install practices, and we’re not impressed. We go beyond the standard by implementing a 5-point quality check for our installations. We guarantee every project will follow this process, making each install a cut above the rest. Plus, our First Time Right initiative ensures that the installation is performed correctly, and all paperwork is completed the first time around so that we can secure payments quicker.

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The Kuubix 5-Point Quality Check


Embody OSHA safety standards, ensuring the safety of team members and the customer


All electrical components installed according to local and NEC codes.


All accesses are flashed and sealed following proper manufacturer specifications.

The job site is organized and free of any trash or debris.

Visually and functionally, work will exceed industry standards.

Our Investors

Backed by Solegreen, a publicly-traded, international renewable energy company, Kuubix is poised for growth and long-term stability In a volatile industry. This backing is invaluable to our dealers and our customers. We’ll be around to take care of customers long after other installers fade away.

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Our Experience

Residential Projects Completed

Panels Installed



Customer Savings Generated

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Biggest, Fastest Upfront Payouts

Kuubix pays up to $5,500 in M1 Commissions, and we pay them within 24 business hours. Nobody else in the industry even comes close to that size or speed. Just confirm the final Scope of Work and payment will be on its way. Kuubix is giving you bigger faster M1 payments! PARAMETERS - Dealer must be in good standing for 3 months continuously, i.e., no compliance issues. - Realization ratio for the period 30-90 days before the present must be at least 75%. - The ACH will be executed by the end of the next business day. - Disqualification from the program: Submission of 3 change orders after M1 was paid within any three-month period or realization rate below 70%.  The dealer will then be suspended from the program for one month and need to re-qualify for the program per the criteria listed under bullet #1.  - Each change order initiated after Scope of Work (SOW) has been confirmed will incur a $300 fee which will be added to the new SOW.

Beat any Quote, with
Higher Profit Margin

Through our partnership with HDM we’re able to prepay the ITC, resulting in less stress for reps and more benefit for homeowners. There is also more margin in HDM deals which can be used to beat the competition and win every deal. HDM will own the solar system through a prepaid lease and take the ITC. Ownership transfers over to the homeowner after 6 years. How would you like to increase your profit margin substantially, or use that additional price flexibility to beat anybody else on price? Through our partnership with HDM we’re able to prepay the ITC, resulting in less stress for reps and eliminating angry calls from homeowners who didn’t have the tax liability required to claim the ITC. HDM will own the solar system through a prepaid lease and take the ITC. Ownership transfers over to the homeowner after 5 years. Simple as that! To top it off you’ll have access to several loan options to create an unbeatable monthly payment. This will be a great new tool for selling and recruiting! PARAMETERS This program is available in California only.

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The Best
In Solar

Our coveted appointment program provides dealers with fully-vetted appointments that are 100% exclusive and credit verified. That means no more demoralizing credit fails in the home. Just sign up and start receiving appointments right to your inbox! Do you have high-performing reps who could take additional, exclusive appointments? We’re now opening up our Appointment Program to exclusive reps as well. There's no need for the dealer to be exclusive. PARAMETERS Rep, dealer, and Kuubix will sign an agreement obligating rep to be exclusive with Kuubix. They must have a proven closing rate of 15% minimum coming into the program, and rep must maintain a 12% minimum close rate after 50 appointments dispatched. Pricing is based on performance.

No More
Credit DQ’s

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Every appointment from Kuubix is pre-verified to have a qualifying credit score. We even identify which finance providers the lead will qualify with, and how much they will qualify for! Now, credit disqualifications are a thing of the past. With this added verification, you can rest assured that you will show up at the appointment with a qualified homeowner who is ready to go solar. PPARAMETERS Currently available at no cost to our dealer partners who are signed up to receive Kuubix Appointments.

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30-Year Warranty Protection

In addition to our 25-year workmanship warranty, we provide homeowners with a 3rd-party warranty option through SolarInsure. Their monitoring software and 30-year warranty offer the longest, most extensive coverage in the industry. At Kuubix, we pride ourselves on our warranties, and now we’re also able to provide a 3rd party warranty through Solar Insure. It even includes roof penetrations!

Get Paid for 6 Months on Referred Dealer Volume  

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Refer any new dealer partner to Kuubix and receive $.05/watt on all of your referral’s volume for the first 6 months! This referral program can apply to any dealer or individual who refers a new dealer to Kuubix. The great news is that this is not limited to dealer owners. This referral program can apply to any individuals who refer a new dealer to Kuubix. So, get out there and start referring your way to a big payout! PARAMETERS Clock starts when first project is sold.

A Word from our Customers

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Kuubix really does care about their customers.

They always do their best to make things right and do a good job and help it go as smoothly as possible. A place of integrity and honesty.done right. I appreciate it!


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Prompt and professional.

They went out of their way to make sure everything was done right. I appreciate it!


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